10 Co-op Games To Play With Your Friends While Being Stuck At Home

The quarantine orders from COVID-19 may have affected a majority of businesses worldwide, but for gamers, it seems to be business as usual. Having said that, you may want to check up on some of your gaming virgin friends, and perhaps dive into a game or two with them.

Here are some co-op experiences that we think you may enjoy, playing with one another, apart, all in the comfort of your homes:

Borderlands 3

With its recent release on Steam, the original looter-shooter is finally available to the masses. Pick a Vault Hunter in Zane, FL4K, Amara or Moze and wreak havoc on the different worlds that are now available in the game. With cooperative mode available in multiplayer co-op, it means that players now do not need to fight each other in the pursuit of sweet loot, as it is all unique to each individual.

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Call of Duty: Warzone

For fans of battle royale, Warzone is slowly but surely becoming one of the most popular titles. As one of the most refined games in the genre, it also brings along with it a sense of familiarity as it is based on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Work in squads of three to be the last group standing as the toxic gas closes in. Along the way, you’ll be able to spot familiar locations that you may have played in Multiplayer and Spec Ops mode in Modern Warfare.

Warzone is free-to-play, and for owners of Modern Warfare, progress made in Warzone will carry over to the base game and vice versa.

Left 4 Dead 2

“Barricade your home, avoid all contact with infected individuals and wait for official instructions…”

Truth is sometimes stranger than fiction as this sounds pretty much like the reality we find ourselves in nowadays. An oldie, but a goodie, this 4 player LAN classic will always be a joy to play with your friends, and can even hold up to parties of 8 with its Versus mode. Fight off the horde together and revel in the nostalgia as you boot up the game to Valve Guy after years of it being untouched in your Steam library.


Overwatch is THE co-op FPS game at the moment, with only whispers of Riot developing their own and Team Fortress 2 being a hat simulator. The game is being constantly updated by its dedicated development team, and a recent Singaporean addition has made it into the game. With Overwatch 2 on the horizon, it is a great time to jump into one of Blizzard’s finest franchises.


Set up your own server and invite as many friends to join you in an endless virtual world. Whether it be trying to survive the night against creepers or constructing the world’s largest Lego set, there is bound to be fun for your group. For the truly creative, you could even try to replicate real life inside the Minecraft sandbox.

Overcooked 2

This kitchen mayhem game has been a favourite at parties, and it is hard to see why not. With online mode available in Overcooked 2, it is perfect for stay-home parties. Play with up to four friends to operate the most efficient kitchen possible, in the worst of circumstances. This is one game that will test your group’s communication skills and cooperativeness.

Stardew Valley

For some Relaxing Farm Time™ with friends, Stardew provides the best stress-free experience with everything being done at your own time and pace. Grow some crops, rear some chickens, go fishing, bake a cake and even woo your first love (again). There are also a lot of things to collect and secrets to uncover for the trophy hunters.

Stardew Valley is even available on iOS and Android!

Animal Crossing : New Horizons

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you should have heard something about Animal Crossing. Fans of the series have waited 8 years for a new game, and similar to Stardew Valley, it provides a stress-free escape from reality, to a reality of your own making. You start on an island where you can customise, make friends with your furry neighbours and grow the community on your island. But really, you can do whatever you want within the confines of island life.

Unravel 2

This cute title is more of a couple game than a group of friends game, but it still encompasses lots of fun. Designed to be a co-op game for two from the ground up, it consists of multiple puzzles that will test your collaboration and problem-solving skills (and hopefully not the strength of your relationship).

Diablo 3

Another oldie on this list, but Diablo 3 on both PC and consoles provide an excellent co-op hack and slash adventure for up to 4 players. The endless grind for levels and loot will complement the hours of free time that you have being stuck at home. As a bonus, you get to watch all those sweet, sweet Blizzard cinematics.

This is just a shortlist of co-op games that you can play with your fellow mates while staying at home and practicing social distancing. And if gaming isn’t your thing, there is a smorgasbord of new TV content on Netflix and HBO to catch up on, or perhaps do some online grocery shopping without having to fight off a different type of horde at the supermarkets.