Just Cause Creators Tease Brand New Monster-Shooting Game IP

Remember the Just Cause franchise? With all its crazy, over-the-top action, generally lighthearted tone and funky characters to boot? Well, it seems its developers in Avalanche Studios Group are ready to move on to more serious things.

Formerly Avalanche Studios, a teaser trailer (above) showcased a brand new IP produced by one of its self-publishing arms, Systemic Reaction. The Swedish studio was responsible for 2019’s Generation Zero, which was an open-world action game.

While the teaser trailer didn’t exactly reveal anything, it did give us an idea of what the setting could be in: possibly a wartime setting with grisly monsters thrown in the mix. Surely a tantalising prospect if done properly.

Systemic Reaction is just one of three studios under the Avalanche Studios Group umbrella, with Avalanche Studios itself being one of the arms, and Expansive Worlds, makers of Hunter: Call of the Wild, rounding up the trio.

A title and release date of the new game has yet to be announced.