‘Overwatch 2’ Teases ‘Transformers’ Collaboration

Overwatch has had a variety of in-game collaborations over the years, including Cowboy Bebop and Diablo IV, and it only makes sense that Overwatch 2 would eventually get a Transformers collaboration event.

After years of theorising and hoping for such an event, players are finally getting their wishes granted. The game’s Season 11 trailer hid one more surprise: a blink-and-you-‘ll-miss-it Autobot logo flashing in the final few seconds of the video, hinting at a Transformers collaboration.

overwatch transformers

And there are plenty of characters who could get a cool skin for the collab event. If there’s any character who deserves a Transformers skin, it’s Bastion, the game’s robot hero who already transforms into a tank in combat. He’d technically be considered an honorary Autobot if they existed in the Overwatch universe.

overwatch transformers

Mecha pilot D.VA is another strong contender, as she can use her weaponized mecha suit in battle, which even has flight capabilities. Given that her character revolves around tech-heavy elements, it wouldn’t be surprising for her to get an Autobot-themed mecha suit.

Winston vaguely resembles Optimus Primal with his techno-ape aesthetic and stands tall as one of Overwatch’s most devoted guardians. Both Winston and Optimus Primal are leaders who are protective of their respective groups, and it would be a fun nod to the character while keeping with the theme.

We’ll probably get an official trailer soon for the Overwatch 2 Transformers collaboration event, but for now, fans are simply enjoying speculating which character skins the game will reveal.