Japanese Students Recreate Cancelled School Graduation In Minecraft Amidst COVID-19

Modern problems require modern solutions, and for a bunch of Japanese students who are unable to attend their school graduation, that means putting their creative prowess to the test.

In light of school cancellations due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some young graduates have found the perfect workaround to end their elementary school journey with a bang: Minecraft. The most impressive of it all? The idea was entirely pulled off by them, without the help of the teachers or faculty.

According to SoraNews 24, the news first got around on Japanese Twitter via a post made by user @backyennew. In it, the school’s assembly hall was seen to be hosting a virtual graduation, with an accompanying thread showing more visuals of the Minecraft ceremony:

The two tweets read, in order, “They spent all day online together playing online games, and laughing. I’m glad they had fun,” and “The assembly hall is also really well-made”. What’s even more heartwarming, though, is the comments on the students’ creative attempt:

“The kids are all right.”
“Parents are doing ‘telework’ and kids are doing ‘telegraduation’.”
“I’m so jealous of what awesome things kids have these days.”
“Those who say video games are bad, look at this!”
“This will probably be an even better memory than a regular graduation for them.”

It’s all very wholesome – and extremely welcome in these unsettling and frenzied times of COVID-19. Congratulations on the graduation, and on to crafting (heh) more creative ingenuity with Minecraft!