Who Will Watch HBO’s Watchmen On October 21

If you’ve made plans for October 21, 2019, it’s time to throw them out the window; the upcoming HBO adaptation of Watchmen will be your new date when it drops then

The critically-acclaimed comic book series by Alan Moore has already been adapted into live-action before by Zack Snyder in the 2009. While that did relatively well critically and in the box office, it was a “safe” interpretation of the source material, never really deriving from it like how this HBO series is.

Executive produced by Damon Lindelof and, of course, Alan Moore, this iteration of Watchmen takes place in a new canon, where the main cast of ex-heroes in the comics have either died (The Comedian), retired (Silk Spectre II probably), or have become something else entirely (Rorschach).

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The show will also feature an ensemble cast, including Jeremy Irons (Batman v Superman, Justice League), Yahya Abdul Mateen II (Aquaman), and Don Johnson (Miami Vice).

The pilot episode of Watchmen will premiere on Monday, October 21 at 9am in Singapore, at the same time as the US. Subsequent episodes from November 4 onwards will premiere at 10am. Catch the show on either HBO on StarHub, Singtel or Toggle, or on HBO GO.

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