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The Hot Toys’ Life-Size Avengers: Endgame Nano Gauntlet Was Inevitable

We knew it would come sooner or later. Hot Toys has finally revealed their life-size Nano Gauntlet, as seen in Avengers: Endgame.

The life-size collectible by Hot Toys is a faithful reproduction of the gauntlet that was pieced together after the heroes did their “Time Heist”, which was initially worn by the Hulk (scroll down for the 1/4 scale version).

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Measuring approximately 52cm in height, it features the iconic Iron Man armour’s classic red and gold, complete with six LED light-up Infinity Stones in two lighting modes (normal and breathing). And of course, a custom base that keeps the gauntlet in an upright position.

Pity, much like Thanos’ Infinity Gauntlet released by Hot Toys for Avengers: Infinity War, it cannot be worn, and only meant for display.

However, looking at how Hasbro has already released a kids version of it recently, we’re definitely expecting a Marvel Legends wearable version sometime in June (UPDATE: just revealed!), much like how they did the Marvel Legends Infinity Gauntlet last year. Best of all, it will be way more affordable at the usual US$99 as opposed to this Hot Toys version, which will probably clock in at around five times the price, and only releasing in 2020.

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Here’s a closer look at the life-size Nano Gauntlet.

And here’s the 1/4 scale version of the “Hulk Version”.

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And finally, here’s another 1/4 scale “Movie Promo Edition” (whatever that means).

And that’s not all, there seems to even be a Life Size Hulk Version out in the wild, perhaps for store display only and not for sale?

Or, if you prefer a cutesy version, there’s the Cosbaby version, and Wearable Plush (this is perfect to go with last year’s left-hand gauntlet), a keychain, and the Cosbaby figurines.

Cosbaby Light-Up Nano Gauntlet

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