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This Hot Toys Life-Size Infinity Gauntlet Would Fool Thanos Himself

Hasbro’s Marvel Legends Infinity Gauntlet is impressive, complete with articulate fingers, rumbling sounds, and a light-up function to boot. It’s truly a piece of spectacular craftsmanship, and a dream come true for the Marvel fanboys (or girls).

But now, Hot Toys has introduced a bigger contender to the toy family. Meet the Avengers: Infinity WarInfinity Gauntlet 1:1 Scale Life-Size Collectible, recreated in the actual size and proportion of the gauntlet Thanos uses in the Avengers: Infinity War!

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In numbers, that means this bad boy stands at approximately 68cm tall, with all authentic features and meticulous details of the Infinity Gauntlet. Like its Hasbro counterpart, the light-up function is present as well, but with two additional lighting modes for all six mighty Infinity Stones: the light-on effect, and breathing life mode, running on the battery power for six LEDs.

Where aesthetics are concerned, it certainly doesn’t disappoint as well. Coated in multiple layers of metallic paint, Hot Toys’ latest comes armed (ha) with weathering effects and an incredibly intricate design. As a nod to the upcoming film, its custom base is also adorned with the movie logo – and all of these elements are what makes this collectible the holy grail of a collector’s Marvel inventory, and a wet dream for many.

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Simply put, this is what you call THE true Infinity Gauntlet (sorry, Hasbro, it was a good run)!

With the release date of Infinity War being moved forward, this teasing reveal certainly came at a good time. The launch window has been placed approximately from Q4, 2018 – Q1, 2019, which means it will be unavailable when the movie rolls around. Never fear, however, that’s what Part 2 is for!

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The pricing has been confirmed to be US$930 and available for pre-order now on Sideshow’s website. Quite a pretty penny.

That’s not all, Hot Toys just revealed our first up-close look at Iron Man’s new armour in the upcoming movie too, check it out below:

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