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The Brightburn Red-Band Trailer Is An Eye-Opener On The Superhero Genre

What if Kal-El/Superman grew up on the wrong side of town? That is what the film Brightburn aims to explore.

A fresh take on the superhero genre (or, should we say, superhorror genre), the movie’s latest trailer shows us just how scary an alien boy with enhanced physical abilities can terrify a small countryside town.

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The trailer depicts the boy, Brandon Breyer (played by Jackson Dunn), donning a sinister-looking makeshift mask and cape — a perversion of the traditional Superman getup we’ve grown so accustomed to.

Jackson Dunn as Brandon Breyer.

He zips around the diner at blinding speed, blasting open doors with his heat vision. And speaking of blinding, we get an extended look at the diner lady removing a piece of glass from her eye. Certainly eye-opening stuff.

Dunn is joined by Elizabeth Banks (The Hunger Games, The LEGO Movie 2) and David Denman (13 Hours) as his on-screen parents, Tori and Kyle Breyer.

Elizabeth Banks as Tori Breyer.

Spearheading the movie as co-producer is James Gunn of Guardians of the Galaxy fame. The director is David Yarovesky, who also, interestingly, starred in the first Guardians in a cameo role.

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Brightburn officially releases in theatres on May 24.

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