This Hot Toys Cosbaby Infinity Gauntlet Plush Is A Sleeper Hit And Sold Out In Singapore

Finally, Avengers: Infinity War is almost upon us, with the movie opening this week worldwide. Marvel fans, even ourselves, are pouring our wallets and splurging on all things Infinity Gauntlet. With top-tier versions like the 1:1 scale replica by Hot Toys and Hi-Fi System by Camino, to the more affordable and wearable Hasbro Marvel Legends version.

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Need an affordable Infinity Gauntlet you can wear to the screening? And to hug to sleep every night till the next Avengers movie next year? Hot Toys has one just for that, from their Cosbaby range of Infinity War products. It isn’t listed anywhere on their website, but we have spotted it selling at various roadshows in Hong Kong, Japan, and Singapore.

The plush is well-made, and even has a “plush-handle” on the inside, so you can hold on securely to the Gauntlet and wave it around like a Mad Titan.

Here’s the interesting bit. It seems Singapore might be the cheapest place to buy this wearable plush. Hong Kong is retailing it for HK$238 (S$40), while Japan is retailing it at ¥3,500 (S$43). As for Singapore, the retail price is a mere S$24.90, which makes it VERY affordable. We’re guessing the local distributor must have felt that the regional prices were too high and decided to reward local fans with a fairer price.

Unfortunately, when a product flies off the shelves, the inevitable “scalper” is bound to show up. So far, as of the time of posting, one seller has emerged, asking for a whopping S$100 for it, at 4 times the original price.

If you’re looking to get hold of one locally, you might be out of luck this weekend, as it’s currently out of stock at Action City stores. Here’s hoping the price doesn’t go up to S$39.90 or more when the restocks eventually come in.

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