The Captain America-Iron Man Civil War Fight Scene Is Reenacted Beautifully In Dreams

Media Molecule’s Dreams is an unparalleled gem of a sandbox in the right hands. Now deep into Early Access, many players have embraced its create and share philosophy fully, demonstrating their powers of imagination through this game.

You might’ve heard of Tamir Williams, who previously recreated the opening sequence of another PS4-exclusive — Marvel’s Spider-Man — on Dreams.

He has struck again, this time with a Dreams rendition of the Captain America-Iron Man fight scene in the third act of Captain America: Civil War.

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This now-iconic fight sequence has been subject of talk for many an avid Marvel fan ever since Civil War first released in 2016.

Williams, with the aid of several other Dreams content creators, combined forces to create the fight scene, shot-for-shot. Some focused on Cap’s shield, others one character’s movement.


And in just 12 hours, the result is a truly glorious one.

Dreams is still only in its Early Access phase, but already many players have come up with amazing creations that show us just how extensive and flexible this system is.

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