Marvel’s Spider-Man PlayStation 4 Intro Gets Recreated In Dreams

Marvel fans have been known to show their love for the various superheroes in the franchise through various means.

Some cosplay their favourite characters, others spend hundreds collecting every action figure out there, and then you have Spider-Man fan Tamir Williams who has recreated the cinematic intro to Insomniac’s critically acclaimed Marvel’s Spider-Man on the sandbox video game Dreams.  

Tamir Williams took to social media to post various his animated masterpiece, with the final version seen below. Aside from being an amazing recreation of the PlayStation 4 exclusive’s opening, it also demonstrates how much one can achieve in Dreams, just as long as you are dedicated enough to achieve it.

Dreams was developed by Sony’s first party developer Media Molecule and is a sandbox video game that lets players create their own levels with custom and pre-built assets. It is essentially an entry-level engine that players can use to design their own games.

Aside from William’s impressive animation, there are several other impressive projects that have been created using Dreams. Such as player GBALX’s tribute to Hideo Kojima’s Metal Gear Solid, titled Solid Gears are Metal. Another player has also recreated Google’s T-Rex game, yes the one you see on your Google Chrome when the internet is down.

Dreams is currently available on the PlayStation 4 in early access.

Also just in case you want to see how faithful a recreation William’s Dreams project is, here is the video of Marvel’s Spider-Man for PlayStation 4’s intro sequence,