Tag: 2018

Highlights From Asia Game Festival 2018 Singapore

Name change, different venue, but little has changed.

Bringing Communities and Creators Together On RPG Day 2018!

The best tabletop experience this weekend, only at RPG Day 2018!

Recap: Free Comic Book Day 2018 Singapore

Came for free comic books, ended up spending a bomb.

Play The Latest Star Wars Legion At Singapore’s West End Gamers 2018

Join up with like-minded board gaming folks!

Huawei’s Porsche Design Mate RS Is The First Global Smartphone With On-Screen Biometrics

Like all luxury brands, it’s cool, pretty, and envy evoking. Definitely aspirational.

Avengers: Infinity War Gets April Release Worldwide

Marvel Studios' next big Avengers movie gets the same release date worldwide!

GameStart Asia and AFA Team Up for Overwhelming Power!

The two event stalwarts are allies in a bid to dominate the region.

Activision Actively Looking Into Remasters for 2018

More remasters is the name of the game.

Logging Into Sword Art Online Beater’s Event Tokyo 2018

Five years in Sword Art Online Gaming and, hopefully, many more ahead!

Age of Empires: Definitive Edition Beta Impressions

The return of the classic bodes well.

Geek Review: I, Tonya

Margot Robbie’s mesmerising and heartbreaking portrayal of disgraced figure skater Tonya Harding is what you will remember her...