Toy photography has been gaining popularity over the years with easy access to equipment and, of course, Photoshop. There always is an element of skill needed to conceptualize and compose a scene. And it looks like these guys are looking to perfect their art.


If you’ve been down to Celebrate the Force this weekend, you might have come across various toy photography shots that have been carefully curated by My Wonder Factory. And you can walk away with most of the prints on display with a frame for $180 with proceeds all going to charity.


The print above is about 600mm wide X 360mm high. And I’ve been told that it’s printed on special paper that is resistant to yellowing over time by the Sun.

Tasteful and classy is how we can best describe the art on display and all these prints would look great in any geek’s home.

Here’s just a peek at what to expect at Celebrate the Force but you should check out their Facebook page for a better look at the prints they have on offer.

Tony now belongs to Disney so I guess we all can work together.



In case you like to grab some for yourself, do drop Kenny a note at a note. Prints are limited at this price and look to go up pretty soon.

Drop a Facebook comment below!

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