Star Wars Day 2015 Singapore: The Main Event


If you are a big Star Wars fan you should head on down to Celebrate the Force this weekend, here’s just a taste of what you can expect for Star Wars Day celebrations in Singapore!

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Some folks were REALLY excited to get a selfie with Lord Vader himself.


Did you have to get up bright and early for this?

Mandatory Group shot

Group shots, you just can’t get enough of them.


Stormtroopers were a big hit the entire morning!


Plenty of folks grabbing each and every costumed person on the floor.


How about an action figure value pack?


The last time this happened I clearly remember it didn’t end well.


She knows exactly which side of the force is the strongest. Check out that Sith Side-eye.


Plenty of toys on display and plenty of guards around to watch for sneaky hands. Hold on to your wallet, there’s plenty of opportunities to go broke.

Celebrate the Force will be in action for another day on 3 May 2015. Head on down before the long weekend ends.

Honestly, I found it quite amazing that this could have been put together so fast. It just goes to show how passionate the Star Wars community is in Singapore.

Will we see another awesome return next year? I certainly hope so!

Check out the rest of the shots from today’s action below. May the Force be with you!