Singapore Lego builders create incredible cross-section of Millennium Falcon

The Force is clearly strong with these Singaporean Lego and Star Wars fans.

Lego building enthusiasts and self-proclaimed MOC (My Own Creation) building group Titans Creations spent two months planning and building, and using over 10,000 Lego pieces, to create this massive and extremely intricate cross section model of the Millennium Falcon.

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The focus here is with the ship’s lovely interiors and if you’re wondering about the incredible level of details, it is because this massive model measures 110 cm by 85 cm, and is 40% larger than the official Ultimate Collector’s Series version made by Lego.

This magnificent hunk of junk comes with 24 LED lights that light up the corridor, hyperdrive, rear thrusters and cockpit, and the team of six builders even made the LED lights for the hyperdrive and rear thrusters pulsate, to give it an additional level of realism.

There are two ways that you can enjoy this magnificent machine. One is to borrow the Ant-Man costume from Marvel Comics, and shrink yourself down to minifig size (this Millennium Falcon is minifig-scaled), or head on down to Legoland Malaysia, where it will be on display, by the Mindstorms Academy, until August.

This was a collaborative built with Legoland Malaysia for the recent May The 4th Star Wars Day event.

The full album of photos can be found here, and see if you can spot Benny and…. Batman?

For the real hardcore fans though, these is something out of place with this. Can you spot it?

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