PlayStation State Of Plays Have A Pattern And July Is Ripe For One

With June already over and the second half of 2021 is upon us, the excitement of a different kind of E3 has subsided. While both Xbox and Nintendo fans definitely have something to be excited about, those of the PlayStation persuasion have less reason to do so. Sure, we did get that Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut reveal, but the lack of a big show is still jarring. Sony appears to have shifted to State of Play presentations to share information, and rumours are pointing to an upcoming one this 8 July.

May’s State of Play gave us a tantalising look into Horizon Forbidden West, and with Sony having an increasing focus on exclusives, every presentation is going to come with loaded expectations. Everyone is expecting to see more of the God of War sequel.

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That would make sense for a blockbuster State of Play presentation, but there are other important titles as well. Kojima Productions’ Death Stranding: Director’s Cut, Arkane’s Deathloop, and Tango Gamework’s GhostWire: Tokyo are just some examples.

It could even be more news about the hardware. PS5 owners have been eagerly awaiting to expand their storage options with the internal SSD, and a presentation about that will be welcomed.

A State of Play presentation is a long time coming.

Rumoured State of Play

However, before you even jump to expectations, there is a pattern to discern. 2021 has seen three presentations thus far. Each of the State of Play in February, April, and May has happened on a Thursday/Friday (GMT+8). Before the actual event, the announcement usually happens two or three days before.

An announcement on 23 February was followed by a State of Play on 25 February. The 29 April presentation was announced on 26 April, and lastly, the 27 May presentation was revealed on 25 May. Judging from this consistency, we should pay close attention to either 5 or 6 July.

If it does not happen, that seems to be par for the course currently. With six months more to go for the year, Sony still has plenty of time to share more. Fans would have to be a little more patient, especially with the effects of COVID-19 still far from over.