PlayStation’s ‘LEGO Horizon Adventures’ Spin-Off Goes Multi-Platform, Except On Xbox

The post-apocalyptic wasteland from Sony and Guerrilla Games’ Horizon series gets a bit more lighthearted with the upcoming LEGO Horizon Adventures.

While surprising, this collaboration with LEGO and Sony PlayStation would be a natural shoo-in considering its existing partnership in the form of an actual physical LEGO Tallneck set.

If this works out well, Aloy and her escapades in future earth look to be part of a wider plan for Sony to tap into their PlayStation IPs and build the franchise into a much bigger tentpole.

There’s even a Netflix series in the works as well, but it’s been some time since we’ve heard about that.

LEGO Horizon Adventures

The biggest highlight about LEGO Horizon Adventures would be its day-one release on the PlayStation 5, PC, and Nintendo Switch. While Sony’s adventures into PC has been well established, getting a major IP onto a rival console platform is an interesting development.

What we’re more interested in would be an actual LEGO Thunderjaw set. It’s definitely something that fans would go crazy over and we’d love to see it come to life!