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God of War Is The Biggest Winner Of DICE Awards 2019

God of War goes home with top honours in nine categories.

Geek Review: Resident Evil 2

The undead lives again.

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Sony’s First-Party Studios Allegedly Turning Their Attention To PS5

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Pre-Order Metro: Exodus To Get An Exclusive Panoramic Poster And More!

More Metro: Exodus goodness with this poster!

Insomniac’s Marvel’s Spider-Man Lays Future Foundation For Fantastic Four Content

We promise this is not some bombastic bag of tricks, man.

CES 2019: Sony Sets Sights On Making Entertainment Top Priority, Says Chief

Gaming takes a backseat for Sony at CES 2019.

Devil May Cry 5’s New Demo Launches 7 February On Consoles

Capcom's SSStylish new demo of their demon-slaying action game comes out this February.

35 Games You Should Be Looking Out For In 2019

New year, new (ga)me.

Fallout 76 Shows Us That Beta Testing Is A Big Con

Country road, take me home and never let me out again.

New Game Console Announced By Project CARS’ Slightly Mad Studios

Brace yourselves, a new console for gamers to go mad for is coming!