PlayStation 5 Media Remote Leak Suggests Disney+ Coming To Console

While there is no mistake that the upcoming PlayStation 5 will take the console gaming space to a whole new level, it will still function as a competent media player in its own right. This is, of course, thanks to the presence of the media remote, which will be coming to the console when it launches this holiday season.

However, according to recent leaks, it is suggested that Disney+, among other streaming platforms and services, might be coming to the PS5.

Brazilian media Tecnoblog first reported this, revealing the faces of four previously-unmarked buttons on the media remote, with one dedicated to each of Netflix, Spotify, YouTube, and Disney+. The article also mentioned that the release date for the PS5 is slated to be “17 November or later“.

While this has yet to be confirmed by Sony, it does put to bring to mind just how readily available Disney+ could be once it launches. At present, it is still only available in select regions. Could this mean that it could come to the likes of Singapore and beyond?

In any case, this will probably all be confirmed when Sony hosts its PlayStation 5 announcement this coming week (along with its price, hopefully).