Pre-Orders For PlayStation 5 To Start, Price TBC, Limited To 1 Console Per Order

The holiday launch of the next console generation is upon us, but we’re still pretty much in the dark about how to go about to purchase either the PlayStation 5 or the Xbox Series X.

After months of silence, Sony has finally announced that pre-orders for the PS5 are set to begin sometime soon, as indicated on the PlayStation website. Naturally, given the overwhelming demand for the new console, Sony made it a point to state that there will be a “limited quantity” of units available for pre-order, and as such, it has made pre-orders available on an invite-only basis.

Pre-orders will have to be done using a PSN account (which most current owners of a PlayStation 4 or older should already have), after which one just needs to cross their fingers and pray to the gaming gods to receive an invitation to pre-order the PS5.

According to the FAQ page, successful invitations will be able to pre-order up to the following quantity of consoles, DualSense controllers, and respective accessories:

  • 1 PS5 Console or 1 PS5 Digital Edition
  • 2 DualSense wireless controllers
  • 2 DualSense charging stations
  • 2 Pulse 3D wireless headsets
  • 2 Media remotes
  • 2 HD Cameras

The pre-order window will be open for a limited time upon receipt of the invitation, so you’ll have to move fast if you want to get your hands on one.

Additionally, these invites are only currently limited to the US, but we imagine Sony will begin rolling out invites for pre-orders to the rest of the world pretty soon. And yes, we’ve checked already, there was no price mentioned in the page. Not yet, at least.