PlayStation 5 Bugs and Glitches (With Fixes) You Should Know About At Launch

The PlayStation 5 is finally here, and those who managed to be first in line are now embracing the next generation of video games with open arms. So far, it has impressed with the likes of Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Astro’s Playroom and Demon’s Souls, and our minds have been blown especially with the tech on the new DualSense controller.

However, while many who have it now are probably having the time of their lives, those who are still patiently waiting for their PS5s to arrive on the sidelines won’t envy the fact that this first wave of gamers will also be privy to the numerous system bugs and glitches that have cropped up in the past week after the console’s launch.

Fear not, fellow gamer. If you’ve been experiencing any of the following errors on your PS5, know that you’re not alone; we’ve had our fair share of system issues too. Currently, Sony has yet to dole out an update or a proper hotfix for most of these problems (hopefully they’ll address these issues soon), but thankfully there are always ways to work around them for now.

As such, here is the list of known problems encountered on PS5 systems and possible ways to counteract them:

1. Games and apps are stuck in download queue

A lot of players, us included, have encountered this rather frustrating issue of digital downloads perpetually being “Queued for Download” on their PS5, and aren’t even downloading despite waiting for an extended period of time. This not only applies to games, but apps such as Netflix and Disney+.


  • A factory reset seems to fix the issue. If it occurs once more, you might have to perform another factory reset, unfortunately.

2. Can’t connect to PlayStation Network

Somehow, users also can’t seem to connect to the PSN properly, let alone download games and apps.


  • While there isn’t any hard fix for this, you can try to get around this by either
    • Checking the PSN’s Network Service Status on the official website, or
    • Checking your home’s router to see if it’s working properly (or check with your internet service provider to see if there are any issues).

3. Can’t transfer PS4 data to the PS5 via USB/LAN during/after initial setup

The initial setup phase for the PS5 will inevitably prompt users to transfer data from their PS4 console, either via WiFi, USB via an external HDD/SSD, or a LAN cable (this part can be skipped if you don’t have one, or if you just don’t want to) on the ports on the back of the console.

As it turns out, users have reported issues stemming from the latter two options, where transferring data has been either abnormally long, or has resulted in the PS5 crashing, or in worst cases, bricking fully.


  • The best possible way to transfer data from your PS4 to the PS5 is by doing it via WiFi at present.
  • If you absolutely need a USB port for the PS5, you could still try the front port, which currently doesn’t seem to have an issue. However, do so at your own risk, as Sony doesn’t have official external storage support for the PS5 yet. Currently, there have been reports of PS5 consoles crashing with an external storage drive connected (see error #5).
  • Another plausible quick-fix is to perform a factory reset, though this means you’ll have to re-transfer all the PS4 data as the factory reset wipes all existing data on the console.

4. PS4 games are unplayable on the PS5

Even after getting your PS4 games on the PS5, there seems to be the potential issue of them being registered as “unplayable” on the new console, with users being prompted to purchase the game again on the PS Store. While there is a list of games that can only be played on the PS4 (check out Android Central for the full list), Sony has confirmed that all other games should be backwards-compatible with the PS5.


  • Currently, the best possible way to get around this issue is to manually restore game licenses on your PS5 system. To do this:
    1. Under Settings, go to User and Accounts
    2. Scroll to Other
    3. Finally, press Restore Licenses. The following screen should let you play your PS4 games on your PS5.

5. PS5 freezes/switches off while running games

This is arguably one of the scarier issues here, and unfortunately has been happening to quite a number of PS5 owners now. The worst part is that the sudden stalling or crashing can happen at any point in time, be it running Netflix or playing Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales. This might also be due to connecting an external storage drive, which, at the time of writing, doesn’t have a hotfix from Sony as of yet.


  • While awaiting a system update from Sony to patch this issue, you could try doing a factory reset, which, unfortunately means you’ll have to reinstall all your games and apps again.

6. PS5 crashes when activating rest mode

Another rather hair-raising bug folks have encountered is that the PS5 will occasionally crash when entering rest mode, to the point where it might actually brick the console (via Reddit). Scary, right? Yeah, we know.


  • Currently, Sony has yet to address this system issue, but the best way to counter this is to simply switch off your PS5 when it’s not in use. Yes, while many might be used to putting it on rest mode while downloading games overnight or when going out, it might be wise to just… not use rest mode until Sony comes up with a patch for this problem.
  • Also, you can completely remove rest mode for your PS5 console by doing the following:
    1. Go to Settings, then Power Saving
    2. Select Set Time Until PS5 Enters Rest Mode
    3. Select Disable rest mode.

7. DualSense controller malfunctioning after initial setup

Aside from updating the PS5 console when you first set it up, you will be prompted to update the DualSense controller by connecting it directly to the console directly via USB-C, and leaving it there until the update installs fully.

However, if for whatever reason you decide to disconnect the cable while the update is being installed, it might cause the DualSense to act up and not work properly.


  • Should this problem occur, you will have to re-download the PS5 update following these steps:
    1. Go to Settings, then System, and then System Software Update and Settings
    2. Set updates to download and install automatically
    3. Select Update System Software
  • If the problem persists, you might have to perform a factory reset on your PS5.

8. PS Camera unable to connect (Error CE-111161-1)

For those planning to stream games on the PS5, one would naturally have to connect the new PS Camera accessory in order to do so. However, some users have encountered the error code ‘CE-111161-1’ while trying to install a camera.


  • According to the official Sony PlayStation troubleshooting page for error ‘CE-111161-1’, users have to perform the following steps:
    1. If you are using PS Camera, you need a dedicated adapter to use it with PS5. Please check the connection method according to the device you have.
    2. Use it in a bright room as much as possible
    3. Check the position by adjusting the distance to the camera or the camera’s angle.
    4. Review the settings of the camera on your PS5.

9. PS5 images look distorted on the TV/monitor

Some users have reported their images, while booting up games or apps on the PS5, looking rather distorted or shaky, or there doesn’t even seem to be any signal at all. This typically happens as a result of using third-party HDMI cables to hook the PS5 console up to the TV or monitor.


  • Switch over the official HDMI cable provided in the PS5’s box and your images should go back to normal.

So far, these are the more major issues we’ve encountered on our own PS5 console or within the community. If you’ve encountered more issues, drop a comment down below and let us know. In the meantime, happy gaming!

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