PS Plus Is The Only Way For PS5 Owners To Back Up Game Save Files

PlayStation 5 owners looking to safely back up their game save files will now be required to also get a PlayStation Plus membership as they won’t be able to back-up their PS5 game saves without one.

This is unlike the PS4, which allowed users to manually copy their game saves onto a USB drive. As revealed by TweakTown, the only way to back up game saves for next-gen PS5 exclusives like Demon Souls or Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales is to do so via PS Plus.

Users will still be able to manually import and export PS4 saves on the PS5, they just won’t be able to do so for any PS5 exclusive games. 

This essentially means that game save backups are now behind a paywall for PS5 owners. Sony might change this sometime in the future but for now, it might be best for you to get a PlayStation Plus membership to save a copy of your game, in the event that something bad happens to your PS5.

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