Official PlayStation 5 Launch Month On Japanese Job Listing Gives Fans Hope Of 2020 Release

The console gaming experience will soon get an upgrade, as the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are still on track for launch later this year. While Sony and Microsoft have each given a deep dive into next-gen technology, an official reveal of the highly-anticipated consoles has yet to be seen, although reports place the date to be somewhere in May 2020 for both.

Imagine the surprise when a job listing in Japan attached PS5’s release to an October 2020 window. Reportedly, Sony Interactive Entertainment was the party behind the call for recruitment, requesting for expertise of some kind in the VR department.

Surprise! But that glimmer of hope certainly didn’t last, as Sony Japan was quick to debunk the listed date, clarifying that the website had made a mistake (thank you, Famitsu, for the update!).

It was probably expected, especially with the oddly specific date that had little relevance to the job listing. Besides, it seems a little too early for Sony to roll out the PS5 in October, considering how we are about five months away with no official console look to boot. If it’s any consolation, the company has already confirmed the COVID-19 situation will not affect the planned PS5 release, which is currently tied to Holiday 2020.

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