PlayStation 5 & Xbox Series X Expected To Be Officially Unveiled In May

E3 2020 was supposed to a big showstopper this year, with both Microsoft and Sony rolling out their next-generation consoles. Even with PlayStation giving the annual video game celebration a miss, the palpable excitement has been definitely building.

However, the COVID-19/coronavirus situation has since caused the cancellation of E3 2020, and plans for any reveals have been shifted.

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As shared by noted industry insider, Niko Partners analyst Daniel Ahmad, many of the planned reveals have been moved from the week of E3 2020. Some will take place earlier, while others remain in place or take place later in the year. These plans are also likely to be affected by the ongoing pandemic.

A source has also shared with Video Games Chronicles that the PS5 reveal is currently planned for May.

One person with knowledge of Sony’s plans told VGC that the company was recently planning to hold its significant PlayStation 5 reveal in May.

However, the firm has recently seen the COVID-19 pandemic disrupt its plans, including the release of The Last of Us 2, and so it’s unclear whether it will go ahead with its original marketing plans.

The same goes for Microsoft and the Xbox Series X, which could still take place with its digital event during E3 week.

It’s also been claimed Microsoft is planning reveals for May, in addition to a digital E3 showcase, which matches with what VGC has been told.

If the situation does not change, we might be learning even more about the consoles in just a short while. That is exciting, of course, but with the situation being pretty volatile right now, changes are to be expected.