New Bumblebee Trailer Teaser Shows Cartoon G1 Optimus Prime, Soundwave And Ravage!

UPDATE: The official trailer is already out, check it out:

Bumblebee – Official Trailer 2

You know what, this second #BumblebeeMovie trailer is even better.

Posted by Geek Culture on Monday, September 24, 2018

It’s time to rejoice Transformers fans. The era of Bayformers is finally over, as you can see from this trailer teaser for the upcoming Bumblebee movie, set for release on December 20th, 2018.

It’s still Bayformers, but there’s a whole lot of G1 loving packed in this teaser. Turn up the music, and see if you recognise the transforming audio cues from the classic cartoon.

You don’t even need to watch the teaser for the upcoming trailer carefully, to spot some classic characters in their G1 colours, design and transformation. We’re not saying it’s G1 accurate, but this is what happens when you remove Michael Bay from the equation. Spot Soundwave in his robot mode ejecting Ravage from his chest. Is that a red Optimus Prime without his flames, looking much like his G1 robot form? And who remembers Shatter and Dropkick.

A few months ago, a teaser showed us a transforming plane sporting Starscream’s G1 colours, and while Paramount has stated that this particular character is not Starscream, it looks like they know the association fans have with the iconic versions of Transformers, and are sticking with it.

Bumblebee Movie – Trailer Teaser

The new Bumblebee movie trailer teaser reveals G1 Soundwave, Ravage and Optimus Prime! Find out when the full trailer will be released here: https://geekcu.lt/2Q14MMf

Posted by Geek Culture on Sunday, September 23, 2018

Let’s hope they retain G1 Soundwave’s voice too, and perhaps event Rumble and Frenzy might show up too? One can only hope…

The full trailer is slated to hit the internet on Monday, September 24th, at 9pm (GMT+8). Can’t wait!

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