Doujima 2024: Celebrating 10 Years & Things To Look Out For At This Year’s Show

The culture of creating fan merchandise blasts ever stronger in Singapore as the explosive growth of anime, game and comic (ACG) conventions each year is clear to see, with an increasing number of events year-round for communities to indulge in fandoms as proof that the scene is highly loved and treasured.

As one of the pioneers in the scene, Doujin Market – better known as Doujima – continually enhances the visibility of the space they’ve created to support creator culture. As the event marks its 10th anniversary, Doujima 2024 celebrates by setting this year’s fair on a staggering scale. Spanning across three halls and boasting over 600 artists from 15 countries and expanding grounds beyond art and illustration, this year sees a larger indie games showcase along with a diverse range of creators, which means two days may not seem enough for fans to immerse themselves into.

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Larger numbers are a testament to the ever-growing passion of creators, but tracking for merchandise of your particular favourites becomes trickier. This year, the Singapore artist community Merfish Artists is hosting a spreadsheet for exhibitors to input their merchandise fandoms, alongside social links and payment methods, making the surplus of information easier for fans to digest. An original character (OC) trading card event and creator-organised stamp rallies are giving the community even more ways to delve deeper into the fun, as fans are treated to specially created merchandise for completing rally cards.

To further condense that, we’ve also shortlisted the creators we’re keeping an eye out for, ranging from the up-and-coming to established creators, while shining a special spotlight on the strongly emerging craft creators.

Up-And-Coming Creators

Leafcat (Leafcat, taotaotuzi, Azulean_, ArachnidLegs) (A47)

Offering a wide range of merchandise across fandoms, from stickers to trinkets like charms and keychains, Booth Leafcat presents nicely designed selections for fans. The booth’s participation in the Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV) Dawntrail Express stamp rally has them offering more FFXIV products at their table, so fans can swing by to find items to their liking while adding a stamp count to their cards.

Creators at this table, Leafcat, taotaotuzi, azulean_ and ArachnidLegs, have uploaded their catalogues for an early look at their merchandise.

Mbol Circle (Charoncreates, Devonazure, Nekogitan, Wabisabi ID) (I-13)

The four creators at the table give a wide selection of fan merchandise created – Baldur’s Gate 3, Goddess of Victory: Nikke, Pokémon, Virtual YouTubers (VTubers) from Nijisanji ID, such as Miyu Ottavia and ZEA Cornelia, and Hololive ID and EN, like Moona Hoshinova and Airani Iofifteen, and many more. With the artists’ styles that catch the eye, and goods that cater to fans looking for various types of merchandise, fans can visit to perhaps find items to their liking. Lanyards, sticky notes or enamel pins, just to name a few.

All four creators, Charoncreates, Devonazure, Nekogitan and Wabisabi ID have uploaded their catalogues for fans to view.

 Axioru (C9) 

With a focus on games like Valorant, Arknights and MapleStory, and their chibi style combined with memes that fans of the featured games will know, make it hard to resist this booth. While having stickers and prints, a range of merchandise with a focus on interactivity such as squishy badges or changing charms is a charming point of this creator’s booth. 

Various sticker giveaways on varying levels of fun will also be hosted, and fans can view Axioru’s catalogue for more information.

John Moniker (B-60) 

Image from John Moniker’s Etsy store.

Cool enamel pins, T-shirts and stickers abound, John Moniker’s booth brings cutely and stylishly designed creations to their table. Their Dog Poop merchandise makes a Doujima debut with a tale for “neighbours to be responsible pet owners and to pick up after their pet”. Striking colours and catchy illustrations make this a standout booth – if you like fun items, that’s what their merchandise shouts at you.

Their catalogues can be found on their Instagram profile.

RattanHwee (G-03) 

Image from RattanHwee’s Instagram

Beautifully detailed landscapes of calming pastel, sometimes interspersed with dreamy animals in the form of prints, keychains and artbooks, RattanHwee’s works are a sight to see. Silly animal stickers are also in the mix, giving a great mix of merchandise that one will find hard to resist. 

RattanHwee’s catalogue is up for fans to view, and they will also be offering portrait drawing commissions at this year’s Doujima.

Crafted Goods

DyingWorkingCult (Insomicdragons, Mdmdotty, Wynscoptia_art, Ven.Arkular) (F57)

Image from Ven.Arkular’s Instagram

A group of four creators are together at this booth with a variety of offerings, and on the crafts side, creator Ven.Arkular presents both original, Genshin Impact, Honkai Star Rail and more fandom-inspired handmade keychains, handphone straps, and trinkets. Presented with well-matching multicoloured precious stones and beads, and silver or gold ornaments matched with mini charms, their booth is one to check out.

The group’s catalogue has been uploaded to their Instagram page, including details of a D&D-inspired dungeon finder game for interested participants.

BUNBUN.CO x UNIVERSE (Alzonerie and Zazaa) (D3-4)

Image from Zazaa’s Twitter/X

The two creators are sharing a booth with a large range of goods across many fandoms, and creator Zazaa brings FFXIV-related trinkets such as themed resin job stones, convocation crystals, summoning coasters and keycaps. A sign of handicraft, each item has its unique flair and is all one-of-a-kind.

The booth is also participating in the FFXIV Dawntrail Stamp Rally, so fans can consider getting some handmade crafts symbolising their favourites for a stamp. For a full range of the booth’s catalogues, creator Zazaa has uploaded their catalogue for viewing, and a preview of Alzonerie’s can be found on their online store.

Sherrscrochet (H-24)

Image from sherrscrochet

All things crochet and amigurumi, creator Sherrscrochet presents a selection of adorable dolls for fans to take home. Designs from varying fandoms and icons, the overpowering urge to take these squishy and friend-sized plushies home may manifest in you. 

A preview of dolls they’ve made and possibly found at Doujima can be viewed on their Instagram page.

Goof-arts X Cookieologic (F-11)

Photo from Goofy’s Instagram

A pair of creators with varying items up for fans to grab, the handmade craft featured in this booth are exquisitely designed kanzashis (Japanese hair ornaments), made by creator Goofy. Each design is inspired by various characters in fandoms like Genshin Impact, Love and Deepspace, Baldur’s Gate 3, and more, with beautiful matching colours and ornamental designs.

Teasers of the works offered by creator Goofy can be found on their Instagram page, and Cookieologic’s catalogue is also up for viewing.

ChibikoNails x Hira Icigocha (G-16)

Photo from ChibikoNails’ Facebook

With the wide range of merchandise up for grabs by the two artists, ChibikoNails offers handmade and reusable stick-on nails of a multitude of themes. Each set of nails is meticulously crafted to display various themes and fandoms, such as Taylor Swift songs or One Piece, that each is inspired by.

ChibikoNails’ Instagram Page gives a look at their previous works, and Hira Icigocha’s catalogue has also been uploaded.

Established Creators

The Sovereign Team (D7-8)

Photo from The Sovereign Team’s Twitter/X

As they engage in their first international conventions, The Sovereign Team brings elegant and exquisite designs of characters in Genshin Impact and Honkai: Star Rail in varied redesigns, and has acquired a strong fanbase. Their sheer range of polished designs and merchandise will have their many fans captured, and rare would it be that viewers are not tempted to buy any.

While their catalogue for Doujima has yet to be released, fans can find a preview from their collective Twitter/X page.

Nao (F-33)

Photo from Nao’s Twitter/X

Chances are that you recognise this creator from other conventions, and this time they bring their warm bakery to Doujima for fans to bask in. Homely and comforting illustrations of food and everyday scenery paint a rich colour of a cosy afternoon, which fans can never resist taking a bite of their merchandise home.

Nao’s toasty catalogue is up for fans to plan their haul.

SoiHeo (F-21)

Image from SoiHeo’s Twitter/X

SoiHeo is taking their charming and adorable Genshin Impact and Honkai Star Rail range to Doujima this year, with pastel and uplifting merchandise that gives many chances for fans to play around with. From interchangeable dress-up character sets, 3D buildable standee backgrounds and even mini bread wallets, SoiHeo’s indulgent goods will be all too enticing for fans of both fandoms.

Their range of merchandise can be found on their Twitter/X page.

Mochiakawoo (F-30)

Image from Mochiakawoo’s online store

The adventures of Mochiak and AhWoo will be landing in Doujima this year! Hosting an extensive range of charming merchandise that can be used on the daily, such as bucket hats, stationery and pouches, you’ll find yourself grabbing one before you know it. If you’re feeling lucky, why not try their lucky kuji, also known as lucky draw, as well? 

Their full range of goods can be found on their Google Drive. They will also be participating in the Doujin Bento stamp rally, filled with cute art, and getting a stamp at their booth is a chance not to be missed.

Tsunobaka (H-15)

Photo from Tsunobaka’s Twitter/X

Tsunobaka comes with their gorgeous array of goods, with an abundance of merchandise types from Dungeon Meshi, FFXIV, and more to choose from. Their exquisite interplay of colours within both their detailed and chibi art entices fans to grab them, even more so with their scope of items available. Glass cups or a booba mousepad, anyone?

Up on their Twitter/X account is their catalogue for this year. They will also be taking part in the FFXIV Dawntrail Stamp Rally, and it’s a great chance to get your stamp card filled at their booth!


Comic Toranoana (3)

Image from Comic Toranoana’s website

For the first time ever, the world’s largest Japanese otaku, a term for people with an interest in pop culture, item shop is coming to Singapore. Comic Toranoana, with 30 years of history behind them, also leads in the retail of doujinshi, also known as self-published print works.

Bringing with them their showcase of products and a look into their website for creators, Fantia, their booth will be a point of excitement at this year’s Doujima.

Creator-led Stamp Rallies

Image from sana’s Twitter/X

This year, more stamp rallies across a larger range of fandoms are being held, giving fans and a list of creators from which they can find merchandise of their fandoms.

Alongside the FFXIV and Doujin Bento rallies listed above, other stamp rallies include Yakuza/Like the Dragon, Holostars, Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint and more. A list of them and participating artists can be found in the spreadsheet with a compilation of exhibitors.

Doujima 2024 will be held from 11-12 May at Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre, across halls 403 to 405. Tickets are on sale on Eventbrite, costing $10 for a single day pass on Saturday or Sunday, and $18 for a two-day weekend pass. An event wayfinder has been created by Doujima for a clear overview of booth locations. 

Promising two days packed with everything pop culture and more, Doujima once again brings together a place for creators, fandoms and communities to bask in each of their passions.