LEGO Supercar Series Adds LEGO 10337 Lamborghini Countach

The LEGO Icons garage adds another iconic supercar to its lineup, as the 10337 Lamborghini Countach is the latest collectable car releasing this July. With 1,506 pieces recreating the car in stunning detail, it’s definitely one for motor enthusiasts.

LEGO 10337 Lamborghini Countach

First showcased to the public in 1970, the Countach’s aesthetically daring design revolutionised future supercar models, and is considered one of the greatest cars to exist. With a hefty price tag, most dreamed of owning one, but fewer got the opportunity to drive it. And now, you can own a miniature LEGO version at just a fraction of its original cost.

Its unique doors are fully moveable and open outwards, boasting a detailed V12 engine if you pop open the hood, and a red-and-white design that goes nicely with the aesthetic of the car. Deep-dish rims, large taillights and a sleek rear spoiler give it an authentic feel, creating a captivating display piece for any home or workplace.

The LEGO 10337 Lamborghini Countach will release on 4 July 2024, and can be purchased online or in LEGO stores.