Justified’s Timothy Olyphant Is The Terminator In Netflix’s ‘Terminator Zero’ Anime

Netflix is set to expand its animation portfolio with the anticipated release of Terminator Zero, a new anime series within the iconic Terminator universe. The show has recently secured Timothy Olyphant to voice the titular character, The Terminator. This announcement was made during Netflix’s Next on Netflix: Animation event in Los Angeles.

Timothy Olyphant, renowned for his performances in The Mandalorian and Justified, will bring his vocal talents to the streaming platform’s venture into animation. Olyphant is also involved in FX’s upcoming Alien series, showcasing his continued prominence in genre projects.

Timothy Olyphant

Terminator Zero promises a complex narrative spanning two timelines, 1997 and 2022, exploring the origins and the ongoing conflict of Skynet’s war against humanity. The series is helmed by Mattson Tomlin, who previously co-wrote The Batman II and Project Power. Notably, the animation will be produced by Production I.G, known for their work on FLCL, Psycho-Pass, and Kaiju No. 8.

The storyline pivots around a soldier sent back from the future to protect Malcolm Lee, a scientist on the verge of launching a rival AI system that could challenge Skynet. Meanwhile, Lee finds himself targeted by a futuristic assassin intent on altering the trajectory of humanity.

As Terminator Zero oscillates between the past and present, it delves into the ethical quandaries faced by Lee as he contemplates the broader implications of his work. The dual timeline narrative enriches the series, offering a fresh take on the Terminator lore while maintaining its core themes of technology, morality, and survival.

Terminator Zero

Netflix has teased the series with a teaser and several first-look images, fueling anticipation for this innovative addition to the Terminator franchise. With Olyphant at the helm, Terminator Zero aims to blend traditional Terminator elements with new-age animation storytelling, potentially attracting both longtime fans and new viewers.

Terminator Zero will stream on Netflix on 29 August.