It’s Cosplay Heaven At The Final Edition Of GameStart Asia

GameStart 2019 might be over but the memories made during the event still remain. Aside from the various game demos and stage interviews, another major staple of GameStart has always been the high level of cosplay present throughout the two-day event since its inception in 2014. 

Cosplay, a portmanteau of “costume” and “play”, is typically a way for someone to express their love of a character, be it from a game or a tv show. A lot usually goes into a cosplay, as illustrated by our cosplay guide, and so we have decided to showcase some of the cosplays from GameStart 2019 that have caught our fancy.

AEK 999 and AUG, Girls Frontline

From left to right: @KURO_MIKII and @pikoyocos on Instagram

Rainbow Six Siege

Cindy Aurum, Final Fantasy XV

@tierza89 on Instagram

Wu RuiXiang, Samurai Shodown

Skyler Chew on Facebook

Doctor, Identity V

@Kuwukai on Instagram

Jedi Knight, Star Wars

@aaronviper159 on Instagram

Terminator, Terminator

Kyonshi Imouto, Onmyouji

@karamelcha on Instagram

Ao Bing, Ne Zha

@rie.rip on Instagram

Priestess, Identity V

Black Cat D.Va, Overwatch

Prompto Argentum, Final Fantasy XV

Cindy Aurum, Final Fantasy XV

With the end of GameStart 2019, GameStart Asia will be working together with Koelnmesse to organise gamescom asia 2020, the very first edition of gamescom held in the Southeast Asian region. We look forward to the different amazing cosplays we will see then. For now, there are still a number of other anime and cosplay conventions in Singapore to look forward to in 2019, such as Anime Festival Asia 2019 and Singapore Comic Con.