Hasbro & Robosen Return With Auto-Converting Optimus Prime With Trailer, But Each Transformers Sold Separately At US$750

Backup has arrived. Owners of Robosen’s Transformers Optimus Prime Auto-Converting Programmable Advanced Robot launched last year can now pair it up with the newly launched Transformers Optimus Prime Auto-Converting Trailer with Roller – Collector’s Edition. But be warned, backup comes at a pretty high price.

Like the Flagship Optimus Prime robot, the Trailer with Roller set is auto-converting – making for an impressive transformation into combat mode when performed side by side.

The Trailer’s rear doors are voice-controlled, which when opened, reveals the Roller vehicle parked within the Combat Deck. Roller is fully controllable (via a mobile app) and it comes with human sidekick Spike seated for the ride or ready to jump into action.

Optimus Prime can be connected to the Trailer, and when combined, can be controlled via the mobile app. In this mode, the Transformers can be set into various battle modes, from full combat mode to truck mode with Trailer open to shoot at Decepticons while on the move.

Robosen TRANSFORMERS Optimus Prime Auto-Converting Trailer with Roller – Collector’s Edition

Robosen x Hasbro Transformers Optimus Prime Auto-Converting Trailer with Roller – Collector’s Edition will retail at US$749.99 and sold separately from Optimus Prime which also costs US$749.99. Read more: https://geekcu.lt/3xjxpgj

Posted by Geek Culture on Tuesday, April 12, 2022

The set is made from high-grade alloy parts, and comes with a protective storage case with a handle for easy transportation. The Collector’s Edition also includes a Serialised Number, an Autobot Magnetic Car Badge, a Metal Challenge Coin, and a Sticker Pack.

Both the Optimus Prime robot and the Trailer with Roller set are sold separately, at a princely sum of US$749.99 each. The Optimus Prime is available now on Hasbro Pulse and Robosen, while the Trailer with Roller is open for pre-order now (ships later this year) on Hasbro Pulse and Robosen.