Google Meet Saves The World With AI Noise Cancelling

If you are stuck at home like us thanks to COVID-19 then it is more than likely that you have used one of a number of teleconferencing apps, be it Google Meet, Zoom, or even Skype, to remotely work from home or just meet with your friends online. 

Google has just announced that it will be rolling out four new highly-requested features for Google Meet, which will serve to make its user experience better to help boost productivity for those stuck at home. 

One new feature of Google Meet uses the AI in Google Meet to intelligently filter out background noises such as you tapping on your keyboard, or your dog barking in the background. This way you can enjoy a distraction-free video call on Meet. 

The AI is also used to automatically adjust the lighting in your video, to make you more visible to other participants even in sub-optimal lighting. Though the feature is currently only available to mobile users and will be coming to users on the web sometime “in the future”. 

Aside from that, one new feature for Google Meet will allow web users to see up to 16 participants in a call at once, whereas in the past only four tiles can be seen on-screen at the same time.  Privacy is also often an issue with video calls, with many worried about accidentally showing something they don’t wish to when sharing their screen with other call participants. Well not, users can simply share a Chrome tab instead of presenting their entire window or screen.

These features will be rolling out from today and should be available to all users in the coming week.

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