‘Final Fantasy VII Rebirth’ Launch Springs Adorable Chocobo Easter Egg On Google

Even Google is riding the Final Fantasy VII Rebirth hype train. In celebration of the game’s highly-anticipated release, the search engine has hidden a little chocobo easter egg, which fans can treat themselves to.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Chocobo

Type “Chocobo” or “Final Fantasy” into the search bar to bring up a small chocobo icon in the lower right corner, click on it, and voila! A swarm of pixel art chocobos will charge across the page, their stomping causing everything to shake. Hit the button enough times, and Cloud may just appear riding on the back of one, Buster Sword at the ready.

It’s a playful and fun little way to commemorate Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, which launched on 29 February after a four-year wait. In the long-running series, chocobos often act as the player’s reliable steed, appearing in every title in some capacity. This will naturally apply to the sequel to 2020’s Final Fantasy VII Remake, where each region is home to a different chocobo breed and their respective abilities (also chocobo chicks, anyone?).

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Before jumping back into Cloud’s journey, do take note all physical game discs sold in Asia have been mislabelled due to a manufacturing error on Sony’s end. Square Enix has since updated their instructions, assuring fans that their experience won’t be affected so long as they follow the process.