Nintendo Switch Discontinues Classic Joy-Con Colours

With the Nintendo Switch well into the third year of its product life cycle, gamers can expect the introduction of new features and accessories, as well as the retirement or update of some old ones. In this light, Nintendo has officially announced the discontinuation of three classic colours for the Joy-Con controllers — Grey, Neon Yellow, and Mario Red.

This can be seen on the official Nintendo Japan accessories page, with the three items marked as end of production (translation by Japanese Nintendo). That said, the controllers can still be purchased, either as part of a bundle or in individual pairs via Nintendo Japan’s online store.

Though we’re not sure if Nintendo keeps stock of these Joy-Cons on external retailers, expect them to be only available while stocks last. After which, they’ll probably only be available via resellers, at which point their prices will no doubt skyrocket due to their discontinued status.

In any case, this might be an indication of Nintendo putting all hands on deck for the increased production on new Nintendo Switch units for 2020, given the recent shortage amid the COVID-19 outbreak.