Geek Approved: The Best Mandalorian & The Child Hasbro Toys In The Market Right Now

The future of Star Wars is bright. And shiny. And in the hands of a faceless hero, along with his little friend. There’s none of that religious Jedi stuff and if you’re currently riding The Mandalorian high, there’s no shame to that because so are we.

We’ve gotten our hands on all the Baby Yoda toys new and old, and shown off the classic 2019 Star Wars Black Series 6-Inch Figures deserving of its own shelf in your display cabinet. Now, we’re bringing you more of the latest The Mandalorian and The Child (aka Baby Yoda) Hasbro Toy offerings. 

Unlike last year, where there was a shortage of toys for The Child, as producers did not want to spoil the series for fans, but this holiday season, feast your eyes on this incredible line of Mandalorian and Baby Yoda toys in the market right now. Comprising of the brand new The Bounty Collection Series 2, The Black Series Credit Collection, The Vintage Collection and of course, The Black Series, these toys are available for purchase now, tomorrow, for Christmas, New Years, literally anytime you fancy. 

The Child Animatronic Edition

And in the spirit of giving, the Amazon Exclusive release of The Child Animatronic Edition with over 25 sound and motion combinations has arrived. That’s right, for S$80 this Baby Yoda can move his head up and down, move his ears back and forth and open and close his eyes. Pat his head three times and he will use the Force before taking a nap as seen in the TV series. The Animatronic Edition of The Child comes with a removable Mandalorian pendant necklace too.

Take a closer look at the Animatronic Edition via our unboxing.

The Bounty Collection Series 2

Of course, we needed to get this list started with Baby Yoda. This second The Bounty Collection features 6 new poses in addition to the first collection. The Child comes in 3 different sets of 2 to choose from at S$29.90 per pack of 2: Helmet Hiding & Stopping Fire, The Child Pram & Mando Necklace and The Child Speeder Ride & Touching Buttons. This time around, they are sold individually too, at S$14.90 each.

The figures stand at around 2.2 inch each and come packed in hover crib-inspired packaging. For those who’ve started watching season 2, you might recognise some of these poses like the Speeder ride scene in episode 1 for example. Though we’ve never seen The Child hiding in a Stormtrooper helmet, this might mean we’ll see the little one in the helmet in an episode later in the season. Each figure is in a fixed pose so all you have to do is unbox it and place it by your desk or display cabinet and let it do its job of looking cute and melting hearts. 

The Black Series Credit Collection – The Mandalorian

If you are an OG toy collector, Kenner should raise some excitement and bring back memories of highly recognisable toys and merchandise including action figures like the original series of Star Wars, Jurassic Park and Batman.

The Mandalorian The Black Series Credit Collection 6-inch Action Figures definitely has the Kenner twist with vibrant colours and a rustic effect on the toys to make it look more retro and vintage. In this distinctive collection, The Mandalorian and Heavy Infantry Mandalorian action figures come with premium decor and accessories. If these Mandos look familiar, despite not seeing it in the TV series, it’s because these figures are inspired by the show’s end credit images. 

Heavy Infantry Mandalorian comes in a blue armour, teal mask, mustard knee caps and red and yellow vambraces. Accompanying the figure is a silver Imperial Credit and a jetpack that can be worn on his back. Attached to the jetpack is a flamethrower that Mando can use for frontal assaults against enemies.

The Mandalorian figure on the other hand, sees Mando in a tan and grey suit, with a red chest armour, red thigh pad and teal vambraces. Wrapped around him is a heroic cape in seafoam green – a huge difference from the brown cape we see in the tv series. This set comes with a gold Imperial Credit and two guns – his Amban sniper rifle and blaster pistol – that you can make him carry and pose with.

(Life-size Beskar Steel Block Not For Sale)

The Vintage Collection – The Mandalorian

Keeping things vintage is the Kenner The Vintage Collection. The star of the show here is most definitely the packaging. The packaging in this collection mimics that of an old school Kenner toy product with a key art visual of the character in the background and the toy itself standing in a small plastic bubble beside it.

Despite being idiots most times, the Stormtroopers get a lot of love. Especially if they specialise in the use of flamethrowers. In The Vintage Collection Incinerator Trooper, the 3.75-inch Incinerator Trooper is seen in a classic red and white uniform with of course, a flamethrower attached to it’s back. Position the flamethrower in its hands and it will look right out of an action scene with flames shooting out of the thrower itself. 

Apart from the obvious classic Kenner packaging, The Vintage Collection Incinerator Trooper is one of the very few toys out there that features the character. The Incinerator Trooper was prominent during the Galactic Empire and after it’s fall too. Regarded as one of the most devastating of the Stormtrooper Corps’ specialized contingents, the contingent only made canon in the first season of The Mandalorian, making this toy a special one indeed. 

In this collection as well, we have Djin Djarin (The Mandalorian) together with what might be the smallest The Child figure too. This 1.5cm The Child even has little feet! Djin Djarin is in his classic beskar armour with his trusty Amban sniper rifle. But that’s not the only thing that comes in this product.

In addition to his Amban sniper rifle, The Vintage Collection Djin Djarin comes with beskar steel and a camtono – remember the little container used to hold the steel in season one of The Mandalorian? It’s also the white little thing ‘Ice Cream Guy’ was carrying in Empire Strikes Back. Last but not least, in what some may call a controversial addition, is Djin Djarin’s head that looks incredibly close to actor Pedro Pascal. He’s even got his little moustache! 

The Black Series – The Mandalorian

The new Black Series Din Djarin (The Mandalorian) and The Child comes with the standard 6-inch figure of Mando in Beskar armour but also a removable helmet to reveal, yes, Pedro Pascal under it. 

Of course, no Mando is complete without The Child by his side. Accompanying The Child is his floating pram and a remote control that he absolutely must not touch, but still does anyway. The set also comes with Mando’s Amban sniper rifle, his blaster pistol, and five slabs of beskar steel. If you take a look up-close on this toy, the details are immaculate. 

Last but not least, we’ve the Black Series Mandalorian Loyalist. This depiction of The Mandalorian was from when the Death Watch splintered into two groups as a result of Darth Maul betraying and defeating Pre Vizsla in The Clone Wars. Those who wanted to embrace Mandalore’s warrior heritage remained loyal to Darth Maul and are seen in grey and blue armour. Coming with two blaster pistols, the Black Series Mandalorian Loyalist makes a great addition to fans loyal to all things The Mandalorian. 

3.75-inch vs 6-inch Mando.

The Black Series The Mandalorian Electronic Helmet

This latest life-size wearable helmet from Hasbro’s The Black Series is the Beskar helmet fans have been waiting for. This screen-inspired reproduction helmet features a removable tactical light, as well as dual red interior lights that can be activated while the helmet is upside-down.

However, this will only be released in March 2021, and pre-orders are already up over at the Falcon’s Hangar for S$192.

That said, here are our Geek Approved best The Mandalorian and The Child Hasbro toys in the market right now (except for the helmet). Whether you’re into something more modern and current like The Black Series Din Djarin (The Mandalorian) and The Child, a vintage rendition like the Kenner Vintage Collection or just straight up have cute Baby Yoda’s on your desk like The Bounty Collection, there is definitely something out there for every kind of Mando fan to get their hands on.