Unboxing Hasbro’s The Child “Baby Yoda” Animatronic Edition

With Star Wars fans gearing up for season two of The Mandalorian, here’s a little reminder that Baby Yoda has somewhat of a role to play in keeping all of us hooked. Standing at 10 inches, the Baby Yoda Animatronic Edition toy is all you can ever ask for from an alien version of a Baby Alive toy.

Compared to the talking plush, the animatronic edition stands a little bit taller, though the difference is not that noticeable. In terms of appearance, the toy remains more or less the same with the biggest exception being the eyes, ears and feet.

Left: Animatronic Edition, Right: Talking Plush.

Baby Yoda’s eyes are much rounder and childlike this time around. His pupils fill the shape of his eyes even more and unlike his counterpart, the eyes are not painted in and they open and close in reaction too.

His ears are also significantly softer. Possibly made out of rubber, the toy’s ears flop back and forth to emote a variety of feelings like excitement and curiosity. All of this comes as a big upgrade from the talking plush, but the biggest displeasure of this toy lies in its feet and how hard its body is. The Child’s feet act as a platform and it is also where you’ll unscrew and put in your batteries. The animatronic edition uses three AA batteries, but you won’t need to have some at hand till the battery dies out as the toy comes with batteries included.

The Animatronic Edition of The Child comes with 25 different sound effects that range from excited giggles, cooing, sounds of discomfort, gurgling, snoring and more. Yes, snoring. When you lay Baby Yoda on his back, he makes sleepy noises, closes his eyes and takes a nap. The best part – he can use the Force.

As mentioned, The Child can rock back and forth his body ever so slightly, close and open his eyes and wiggle his ears, but nothing is as adorable as seeing this tiny green bean use the force. Tap his head three times and he will raise an arm out, lower his ears and close his eyes as if he’s exhausting himself and using the force.

The only accessory that comes with Animatronic Edition is a necklace with the Mandalorian pendant on it. Since the only way to attach the necklace is to tie it around the neck, the necklace is long enough to not just be used on Baby Yoda but on children and adults too.

For S$119.90, this Amazon Exclusive The Child Animatronic Edition is the most interactive and engaging Baby Yoda toy in the market right now. Fans of the adorable alien will definitely find a need in this animatronic toy. Be careful though, this toy will undoubtedly ignite major baby fever in you!

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