Dune Officially Delayed To October 2021

Denis Villeneuve’s Dune is being pushed back to not just till the end of the year, but straight to 1 October 2021. Dune had been slated to open 18 December, but with Warner Bros. moving Wonder Woman 1984 to Christmas Day, it leaves the picture house no choice but to postpone Dune to a further date too.

According to Collider, the change of dates is due to moviegoers’ reluctant return to theatres. With low turnout and no vaccine in sight, Warner Bros. is taking notes and learning from the release of Tenet. The Christopher Nolan movie debuted successfully internationally given the circumstances, making more than $207 million, but the film grossed only a mere $45 million in the United States.


Other movies that are being delayed are Marvel’s Black Widow and upcoming Bond film No Time To Die. Whilst Dune‘s delay could be a good call on Warner Bros.’ end, it presents one complication – it falls on the same day as the Robert Pattinson led The Batman. This could only mean that one of the movies will be scheduled to a different date in the future.

Dune is expected to be a major release. The big-budget adaptation of Frank Herbert’s iconic novel recently released a trailer and boasts an impressive ensemble including Timothée Chalamet,  Emmy-winning Zendaya, Star Wars‘ Golden Globe winner Oscar Isaac, Rebecca Ferguson, Josh Brolin aka Thanos himself, Marvel’s Dave Bautista, Aquaman Jason Momoa, Stellan Skarsgård and Oscar winner Javier Bardem.