Cancelled Co-op Aliens Game Allowed You To Face The Xenomorph Queen With Friends

If you’re a fan of the Aliens franchise, you’d most likely have played a lot of the games based on the iconic sci-fi horror movie series, such as Aliens: Colonial Marines, Alien: Isolation, or even last year’s Alien Tabletop RPG.

But for every game featuring everyone’s favourite Xenomorph Queen out there, there are at least two other games that were scrapped for various reasons. One of these was, as we’d recently learned, a game called Aliens: Hadley’s Hope by 3D Realms.

This was revealed by 3D Realms’ vice president and executive producer Frederik Schreiber, who did so in response to Boss Key Productions designer Cliff Bleszinski’s own lament about his own Aliens game that was canned after the Disney/Fox merger in recent years.

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Hadley’s Hope was supposed to be a “storyworld-driven PvE (player vs environment) multiplayer adventure shooter” that pitted a “misfitting mix of colonists and marines” against “a protective alien Queen who’s willing to do whatever it takes to safeguard her eggs.” The catch here was that there was not just one Queen, but a multitude of them scattered across a planet, which served as a breeding ground for the Xenomorphs.

And to make things more interesting, Hadley’s Hope was the name of a human mining colony that featured in the aforementioned Colonial Marines. Had the game been released, the reference couldn’t have been more apt, despite Colonial Marines having been made by Gearbox Software.

Regardless, this certainly sounded like a promising venture for many prospective gamers. However, it seems such a feat might no longer be possible, what with the House of Mouse being the gatekeeper for all things Aliens.

Let’s just hope that the future movies promised by Disney will satiate fans’ appetites instead.

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