The Beautifully Animated Dragon Quest: Your Story Video Game Movie Is Out Now On Netflix

Lately, Netflix has been churning out an impressive amount of Japanese animated series and CGI movies of popular video games. While Pokémon: Mewtwo Strikes Back – Evolution won’t come out until next week, fans of the Dragon Quest franchise can look forward to Dragon Quest: Your Story, which is out now on the streamer.

Based on the 1992 Dragon Quest V video game that came out on the SNES, Dragon Quest: Your Story centres around a young boy named Luca who embarks on an epic quest to unravel his father’s mysterious past, while rescuing his mother from a dastardly sorcerer. The animation looks pretty solid, striking a good balance between realism and Akira Toriyama’s signature over-the-top character and monster designs.

Your Story was originally released in Japan in 2019, which then was only available in Japanese. The port to Netflix saw the inclusion of English subtitles and dubs, making it much more accessible to a global audience.

In other DQ news, the twelfth main instalment of the beloved JRPG franchise is finally in production. No release date has been confirmed yet.