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The Alien franchise is back (somewhat) with six short films picked from 550 submissions.

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She's all mine, so get away from her, you bitch!

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20th Century Fox has dropped the debut teaser trailer for their next Predator film.

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True to its word, an awesome wireless VR experience that packs an Alien punch.

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‘Alien: Descent’ VR Experience Lands In California for #AlienDay

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A New Alien Game is Reportedly in the Works!

The comeback of an age-old narrative in the realm of gaming seems about due.

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Get way from her, you BITCH!

Neill Blomkamp’s Zygote Might Be The Best 20-mins of Horror in 2017

Zygote plays out like a mashup of The Thing, Aliens and Dead Space, a 20-minutes ride of horror...