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The Predator Teaser Trailer Unleashed

20th Century Fox has dropped the debut teaser trailer for their next Predator film.

Geek Review – Alien: Descent VR Experience

True to its word, an awesome wireless VR experience that packs an Alien punch.

ALIEN: Offworld Colony Simulator Launches On #AlienDay, Exclusively On Amazon Alexa Devices

How would you fare against the Xenomorphs, if your voice were in charge?

‘Alien: Descent’ VR Experience Lands In California for #AlienDay

Finally, Alien fans can live out their fantasies as an elite squad of Colonial Marines hunting down Xenomorphs...

A New Alien Game is Reportedly in the Works!

The comeback of an age-old narrative in the realm of gaming seems about due.

Check Out These Amazing Star Wars v Aliens Illustrations!

If that’s what a Star Wars and Alien crossover looks like, we’re sold.

Geek Review: Alien Reebok Stomper “Final Battle” Pack

Get way from her, you BITCH!

Neill Blomkamp’s Zygote Might Be The Best 20-mins of Horror in 2017

Zygote plays out like a mashup of The Thing, Aliens and Dead Space, a 20-minutes ride of horror...

Geek Review: Xingbao Alien Xenomorph XB-04001 (by Arvo Brothers)

If you’re a huge Xenomorph fan, and don’t have the budget to BrickLink the set with LEGO bricks,...

Geek Review – Alien: Covenant

Did Ridley Scott create a prequel worthy of the sci-fi horror series’ name and legacy? If you've set...

Celebrating #AlienDay in Singapore

Alien fans are in for a treat this year.