Brew The Perfect Cuppa For An Eva Pilot With Nescafé’s Evangelion-Themed Coffee Machine

Numerous collaborations with the Evangelion series has been announced leading up to the release of the Evangelion 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon A Time film. This time, the anime series has teamed up with coffee manufacturing company Nescafé to release an — you guessed it — Evangelion-themed coffee machine.

Nescafé has taken its popular Gold Blend Barista Coffee Machine and redecorated it with imagery from Neon Genesis Evangelion, more specifically protagonist Shinji Ikari’s EVA Unit 01. The special EVA coffee machine also comes with additional Nescafé gold accents along the vents and above the touch panel. 

The official website for the product also lists recipes for various coffee blends that main characters Shinji, Asuka, Rei, Kaworu, and Mari prefers so now you too can drink your favourite characters coffee, whilst listening to music on the Evangelion-themed wireless earbuds, and playing on your Evangelion Tamagotchi, or Evangelion Fender guitar

According to the Nescafé website, Shinji and Asuka both prefer to take their coffee black, while Rei has a preference for lattes, Kaworu for espressos, and Mari for cappuccinos. 

The special edition Evangelion Nescafé coffee machine is now available to order from Nescafé Japan’s official online shop and costs 8,980 yen (S$128.58).