Official Neon Genesis Evangelion Tamagotchi Lets You Raise A Pocket Angel

Back in the day, a small little something called Tamagotchi embarked on a humble journey, only to grow into one of the greatest toy fads ever. The idea behind it was simple but novel then, giving young individuals – particularly those without physical pets at home – the feeling of joy and pride of raising a digital pet companion.

Some years have passed, and now, it’s entirely possible to grow Angels. That’s ‘Angels’ with a capital ‘A’, referring to the non-human species of the Neon Genesis Evangelion fame, as Bandai Namco prepares to launch a limited-series Tamagotchi themed after the classic sci-fi anime.

Slated to release on 13 June 2020 in Japan, the device will come in three variants: the purple-skinned Eva-01 Test Type, the red-splashed Eva-02 Production Model, and the blue-bodied Eva-00′ Proto Type, all colour coded to fit each of the show’s protagonists. ¥2,300 (S$30) is the price to pay for the device.

In true Tamagotchi fashion, game mechanics involve nurturing up to 20 types of Angels, as well as popular characters like Rei Ayanami, who is one of the female central figures. Outside of that, fans can also participate in various mini-games including battle training, which pits the player’s Angel against threats like the Longinus spear. Much like pet-rearing in real life, establishing a strong bond with the Angels is a must, with mistreatment resulting in the formation of an A.T. Field (Absolute Terror Field) around them.

It’s no coincidence that the Evangelion Tamagotchi models are going out in June, when the long-awaited movie Evangelion 3.0 + 1.0 Evangelion, or Shin Evangelion, is expected to drop. Uniqlo has announced an Evangelion UT Collection for the same month as well, and you know what this means: grab one of the t-shirts, and you’ll be able to match with your very own Angel. Better hurry, though, for reservations for the device have already begun.