Andy Serkis Reportedly To Star In Matt Reeves’ The Batman Movie

Gollum in The Batman solo movie? Who’da thunk it?

It appears that legendary actor Andy Serkis could come on board to star alongside the new Caped Crusader Robert Pattinson in Matt Reeves’ upcoming solo Batman film.

Andy Serkis is reported to star in Matt Reeves’ The Batman solo film.

Actually, this won’t come as a surprise, as Serkis has worked with Reeves in the past, notably on Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and War for the Planet of the Apes.

Also, Serkis is synonymous with CGI-heavy roles, such as Caesar in the aforementioned Planet of the Apes films, Supreme Leader Snoke in Star Wars Episodies VII and VIII, as well as the more iconic Gollum/Sméagol in The Lord of the Rings movie trilogy by Peter Jackson.


This could spell something similar in The Batman, should he join the roster. Also, we wouldn’t be surprised if Serkis’ potential role would be one of Batman’s Rogues Gallery. Two-Face, maybe? Or perhaps Scarecrow or Clayface?

However, it would seem that the very same rumours are pointing to the role of The Penguin. It would make sense, as Serkis has the build and look for Oswald Cobblepot. Just take visual cues from his recent role as Ulysses Klaue in Black Panther and see if you can imagine him in a top hat and coattails, brandishing the iconic weaponised umbrella.

Think Danny DeVito in Batman Returns, but perhaps more whimsical and maybe a lot more fish eating à la Gollum. Sound good? We’re certainly down for that.

While doubts remain over Pattinson’s ability to deliver as the Dark Knight, many would be no doubt excited to see Andy Serkis face off against him in The Batman.

And if we were to look ahead even more, just imagine what wonders he could create with Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker if Phoenix delivers in his role successfully. Fun times.