You Can Now Purchase A Human-Sized Neon Genesis Evangelion Statue For US$33,000

First announced last year, Japan’s largest indoor diorama theme park, Small Worlds Tokyo, is finally open. 

Not only does it recreate famous real-life areas such as the Kansai International Airport and the city of Tokyo, but it also features two classic anime in miniature form, Sailor Moon and Neon Genesis Evangelion

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And of course, Small Worlds Tokyo will feature a merchandise store where you can buy items exclusive to the theme park such as the human-sized Small World Eva Unit-01 figure.

That’s right, while you will not be able to purchase a life-sized Unit-01 mech to bring home, you can still choose to buy the Evangelion Test Type Human-Scale Figure which measures 210cm and is made with a fibre-reinforced plastic shell over a steel frame. It’s guaranteed to wow any friends that pay your house a visit.

Though of course, there’s still one small thing to consider before you start whipping out the measuring tape to see if you have sufficient room in your house for the figure, it will set you back by a whopping 2,600,000 yen (S$33,633.60). Plus that is not even considering the additional cost you will incur if you choose to get the special effects for the figure which includes the umbilical cable and glowing red eyes effects, those will cost you an extra 800,000 yen (S$10,348.80).

However, that’s not all. After purchasing the Evangelion Test Type Human-Scale Figure, you will still need to foot for the figure’s shipping and installation fees, which will all add up to a maximum of 4,119,720 yen (S$53,292.70). Wow, that’s a hefty sum for one Evangelion figure. 

If the huge price tag on the figure has yet to put you off, you can purchase it on Small World Tokyo’s website, and note that there are only 20 units in stock. Alternatively, you can always visit the life-sized Eva Unit-01 in Japan, or get the more affordable (read: still expensive) 6.5-foot-tall Eva-01 statue for about half the price.

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