Which Xbox Series X Games Should You Buy At Launch?

How time flies, huh? We’ve under a month left till the launch of the Xbox Series X and S on 10 November. Microsoft’s next-gen console is shaping up to be quite the technical marvel, especially with the fact that it can run over 1,000 games across 4 generations of Xbox at launch.

But while many nostalgic gamers will be looking forward to its backwards compatibility, we also can’t forget that a ton of new games are coming to the Xbox Series X. Of course, despite the fact that the next-gen console’s all-digital approach is one for the future, one can never go wrong with the good old-fashioned way of inserting game discs into your trusty console and running them without fear of losing any data on a virtual server.

Without further ado, here’s a list of the Xbox Series X’s disc-based games you can purchase at launch from 10 November onwards! And while we’re at it, we’ll also throw in a couple more games leading up till the end of the year for your holiday buying convenience.

But of course, we’re always of the opinion that it’s better to get them ALL so you never have to miss out!

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