Superman, Wonder Woman Costumes Spotted In The Batman Set Photos Suggests A Larger Universe May Be In Play

With The Batman finally back in production after Robert Pattinson’s recent recovery from COVID-19, the anticipation to see the Englishman as the new Dark Knight is building once again. But while we’re certainly eager to see more of Pattinson suit up, it appears that certain other heroes from the wider DC Universe could make an appearance too.

Individuals donning what clearly looks like costumes of Superman and Wonder Woman have been spotted on the Chicago set of The Batman on Twitter (via Screen Rant). Though there haven’t been names to faces yet, it looks as though these outfits are part of a costume party of some sort (that’s the theory going around, at least).

Even if these characters were just extras dressing up for a costume party, it probably wouldn’t come as a surprise to see more individuals dressed up as other members of the Justice League, such as Aquaman, Cyborg and The Flash.

Speaking of The Flash, Fox News anchor Jake Hamilton spotted a logo bearing a striking resemblance to the Speedster’s in the same Chicago set on Twitter. While this might be simply coincidence, it could be another subtle nod by Reeves to the wider DC Universe.

That said, it might be good to take these things with a pinch of salt. After all, Reeves himself reiterated time and again that The Batman would be taking place in a film universe separate from that of the DCEU. However, he didn’t deny the possibility of including references to other DC superheroes or IPs in his upcoming film. This might be just a simple Easter Egg to Warner Bros’ ownership of DC Comics, or a hint to something much bigger in Reeves’ planned Batman trilogy.

After all, the fact that the DC multiverse is being explored and with multiple Batmen appearing in Andy Muschietti’s The Flash in 2022, anything is literally possible right now. So even if Reeves could deflect any possibility of the Justice League appearing in his version of Gotham, the fact that these costumes exist suggest that there may be more surprises in store than we think.

In any case, all will be answered when The Batman finally hits theatres in 4 March 2022.