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Gamescom 2017 Recap: Microsoft

Here's everything that was shown at Microsoft's Gamescom press conference!

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Project Scorpio – Courting The Developers

More information about how Project Scorpio and Microsoft are making lives easier for the developers!

Project Scorpio – A Powerful Step Up… or Misstep

It really pains us to see how much an uphill climb Microsoft is in.

Geek Review: Halo Wars 2

An RTS that disappoints like Halo 5 did, but pulls out a pleasant surprise with the new Blitz...

Xbox One S in Singapore – Better Late than Never

The Xbox One S is the best Xbox console out there, but that might not mean much this...

Xbox One S Arrives in Singapore on December 13th

Xbox gamers in Singapore, mark down December 13 for the Xbox One S finally arrives!

E3 2016 Recap: Xbox’s Press Conference

Microsoft came out really strong this year, with a full complement of both software, and more importantly, hardware...

Geekout: E3 2016 Predictions Roundup – The “What If…” Edition

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