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DICE 2018: Xbox Chief Gives Impassioned Speech

Admitting the troubles faced by Microsoft and committing to ending toxicity.

Xbox CosPups Celebrate the Year of the Dog in Paw-some Themed Outfits

Some of the best things in the world – video games and dogs.

Hit the Streets Once More with Burnout Paradise Remastered in March 2018!

Hit the streets of Paradise City again, baby.

Xbox and Air Jordan Collaborate to Create Limited-Edition Consoles

With only three up for grabs, these sweet kicks could be yours – with just a simple click...

Xbox Game Pass to Bring in Exclusives on Day One

One for the gamers.

Geek Review: Xbox One X – Untapped Potential

The good news is that the One X has this untapped potential. Let’s see if Microsoft knows how...

PUBG Lands on Xbox One this December!

The runaway success that is PUBG finally gets a release date for Xbox One!

Geek Review: Cuphead

A game that transcends generations, Cuphead is definitely a must-play title of 2017.

Gamescom 2017 Recap: Microsoft

Here's everything that was shown at Microsoft's Gamescom press conference!

Geek Giveaway: Seagate 8TB Game Drive Hub & 2TB Game Drive for Xbox!

If you are worried about space, fear no more. The Seagate Game Drive Hub for the Xbox is...

Head of Xbox Phil Spencer Weighs in on the Xbox One X

We've seen him on stage but when we finally cornered Xbox head honcho Phil Spencer for an interview.

E3 2017 Booth Tour: Xbox

Our guest host Zhieeep does a walkthrough of the Xbox booth at the E3 2017 showfloor.