Wearable G.I. Joe Snake Eyes & Cobra Commander Helmets Are Coming From Hasbro

Be a member of America’s top-secret mobile strike force team. The mission: to defend freedom. Fight the threat of Cobra, or fight alongside it.

Over the recent months, Hasbro has been progressively ramping up on all things G.I. Joe. From starting production on the upcoming Henry Golding-led Snake Eyes movie, to the G.I. Joe Classified Series Snake Eyes figure, releasing full episodes of the original 80s cartoon series on YouTube, and newly revamped official website.

In similar vein to their recent The Black Series (Boba Fett and Incinerator Stormtrooper) and Marvel Legends (Punisher War Machine and Deadpool Head) helmets (and one decapitated head), it looks like Snake Eyes and Cobra Commander are having their turn with wearable helmets too.

Each helmet comes with a display stand, with the G.I. Joe / Cobra logo on the front. It’s definitely a nice touch since most collectors will be displaying the helmets more than actually wearing them. The Cobra Commander helmet is expected to ship on 15 September while Snake Eyes is on 15 October, priced at US$119.99 each.

At the time or reporting, they seem to be only sold exclusively on GameStop.com (for some strange reason, you’ll need a VPN to access the site if you live outside of the US) for US customers. There is no news of their availability outside of the US at the moment.

No other information for the products has been shared other than the pricing and shipping date. We’ll just have to wait till we get our hands on the actual helmets (hopefully) in the near future.

Yo Joe!