Hasbro Pulse Releases Exclusive G.I. Joe Classified Series Snake Eyes Deluxe Action Figure

Snake Eyes. The Silent Master. Brother to Storm Shadow. Partner of Scarlett. An OG G.I. Joe. While his real name has never been released, the most popular ninja in the history of the American military is being immortalized again, with a 6-inch figure.

As part of the new G.I. Joe Declassified Series, this Snake Eyes is based on the classic version of the popular 80’s cartoon series and toyline, whose character was further fleshed out in the Marvel Comics series written by Larry Hama.

Yes, while the recent live-action version of the character, played by Ray Park, borrowed heavily from the comic book designs, true fans only want the original.

Available for pre-order from Hasbro Pulse only, this premium figurine comes with an exclusive Arashikage gear storage rack, designed based on the I-Ching symbol tattooed on the hands of every ninja borne of the Arashikage clan. It’s the perfect storage to hold the figure’s 11 accessories.

Hasbro says this is the first in a new line of figures based on the iconic series and given that a new movie is currently in production, starring Singapore’s Henry Golding, we won’t be surprised if there happens to be Scarlett, or even Tommy himself, Storm Shadow.

[UPDATE: Classic Scarlett and Roadblock have been revealed]