Unboxing The PlayStation 5 & All The Fancy Accessories

Come this 19 November, fans in Singapore and Asia will finally lay their hands on the next-gen console that is the PlayStation 5. If you are looking forward to seeing what you will be getting in just a few weeks’ time, Geek Culture has you covered.

Courtesy of the amazing folks at PlayStation Asia, we had the opportunity to unbox the brand new console alongside a bevvy of accessories including the DualSense Charging Station, the Pulse 3D Wireless Headset, the Media Remote, and the HD Camera for the PlayStation 5.

This is a hefty beast of a machine, and when you finally get your paws on it, we guarantee the PS5 will be the centre of the attention in every setup you can imagine.

Don’t forget, we’re also giving away a PlayStation 5 Digital Edition on launch day, so be sure to check out the details and take part now.

Following the first looks at the Xbox Series X and Series S, gamers are in for a treat during this exciting month.

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